Performance problems testing simple Android App

I've sucessfully deployed my an android app from intelliJ to Android Emulator. Im on a Macbook Pro labtop whihc runs Intellij quite happily but the emulator takes forever to start and consumes most of the cpu, so I have two questions.

1. Do I have the emualator incorrectly configured, is there an alternative settng I should be using.
2. Do I have to restart the emulator every time I want to deploy my app to it, or can I deploy to an already existing emulator

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The startup of the emulator does take some time, but yes you can leave the Emulator open and deploy it it multiple times.

Under Run > Edit Configurations    I have:

  • Launch Default Activity
  • Deploy Activty Checked
  • Choose target device manually <---I think this is what you want.

Ensure you are not closing down the emulator between runs also.

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Hello, Paul

IDEA deploys and launches application on any compatible running emulator / real device. If threre is no such emulators/real devices, IDEA starts a new emulator. Also, you can choose target device manually by choosing "Choose target device manually" in Android run configuration settings.

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Thanks, Ive moved from 3.1 emukator to a 2.3 emulator and that does seem to be running alot quicker


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