IntelliJ projects

OK, I give in. I've been using IntelliJ for a few months and I get by fine, but the Project Settings dialog remains a mystery and it's becoming a real problem. I don't understand it, the UI makes no sense to me at all, and it would be really helpful if someone could point me at some docs that explain it?I'm quite familiar with how compilers and other IDEs work, but modules/facets/sdk/etc are not clear. What is a module exactly? What is a facet? When it says SDK, which SDK? Java, Android, others? Simple things like specifying which version of the Android platform I'm building against seem to be specified in incredibly convoluted ways. Maybe it's me, but whatever the cause if there are any tutorials to fully explain everything in that dialog that'd be great.

I need to set up a project that allows me to build the full version, or a test version, where code is shared, and different libraries are used depending on whether it's the full or test version I'm building. I cannot see how to do this with the interface presented.

I tried the online help, but it's very poor. e.g. the help for "Add Content Root" says "Add a new root to the content roots" - err, yeah, I think I worked that out. But WHY would I use it, and when?

I work with Android, so any resources specific to that would be great.

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