AJC failure

Hi all!

I can build my project using MVN 3.0.3 without any problems.
When building using Idea 10.5 I get:

Missing message: configure.incompatibleComplianceForTarget in: org.aspectj.ajdt.ajc.messages
no sources specified

Preference are set as follows:

path -->  /<mypath>/.m2/repository/org/aspectj/aspectjtools/1.6.10/aspectjtools-1.6.10.jar
max heap --> 1024
cmd line --> -target 1.6 -XX:MaxPermSize=256m

Clicking on "test" --> success, AspectJ Compiler 1.6.9 (1.6.10 - Built: Friday Oct 22, 2010 at 03:50:26 GMT) - Eclipse Compiler 0.785_R33x, 3.3

I saw there was a similar thing mentioned concerning Version 10.1 (IDEA-63249 Cannot compile java source Missing message: configure.incompatibleComplianceForTarget in: org.aspectj.ajdt.ajc.messages) but from the comment it should be fixed since 10.3?

Any hints?

Thanks in advance


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Hi Jens,

this message usually means that your project source level is lower than target one.

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thanks for the answer

its an multi maven project (4 roots imported right now into intellij) and I made sure that all source and target elements use a maven property <java.version>1.6</java.version> to prevent typing errors.
As mentioned before, building using maven works out of the box. only building in intellij always fails. Surprisingly if I build all projects externally via maven its at least possible to start a war inside intellij. due to the aspectj problem I can not use an exploded archieve anyway which slows down dev too...

any other solution? any debug flag I can switch on? does intellij produce some logs maybe I can track down the problem here?


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That Maven property is called "source", usually located right above "target" one in compiler configuration. Also, Maven projects often have both AspectJ and Java compiler configured - please check that both use same settings.
After IDEA reimported your project you can verify that language level in modules is correct (File | Project Structure | Modules).

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Hi Roman,

you are right its called source and target for the compiler standard plugin and ajc plugin. I made sure that they point to the same version in all pom's, trashed the whole project, reimported it again and scanned all moduls (around 120) manually to proof language level is always set to "6.0 override"...
and what shall I say...it's compiling now.
Thanks for pointing me to "File | Project | Structure Module". I am using Intellij since version 3 but seems I simply forgot that one in the past years...


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