All the tests of the same category show up as only one test result w/ TestNG in Intellij and I'd like it not to happen. How?

I have been developing a project which contains a

class that'll read a given directory and for each file it contains, run it against my tool and yield the results.

So, when coding in Eclipse, it would show up one result for each test  (as expected). Today I've been toying with Intellij, and I've decided  to try to run and code a bit of this project in Intellij.

When trying to run the tests, though, it seems to be only showing up 2  results instead of the 100+ it should. Although I am sure it is running  the full suite, it seems to be folding all the results of a given  category in a single result. That means that if I have at least one  failing test in each category, it shows up as a "failed test".

I guess this must not be a bug, but rather some configuration that I  am not aware about and that is on by default in Intellij but not in  Eclipse. Could anyone explain what might be going on?

I am using the latest Intellij (downloaded one of these days).

I've talked with Cedric about this, at and he advised me to come and ask here about this!

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Could you please send me a code snippet to reproduce the problem? Actually I am interesting in how do you yield the results as it can be essential to the remote api we are using to communicate with testng.
Thank you


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