Where are project settings stored other than in .ipr?

Quite many project settings (for example Groovy compiler settings and most version control settings) don't seem to be stored in the .ipr file but somewhere else. Where are they stored then? Mac OS 10.6, IDEA 10.0.3

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Though I can't answer your question, I want to suggest you to store the IDEA
project as directory structure. This gives a much finer control of what
should be stored in the repository and what not.


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Generally, project settings which should be the same for the whole development team, are in .ipr (or in various .idea/*.xml). Module settings are in .iml.

Individual settings (should not be shared between all team members), are in .iws (or in .idea/workspace.xml, or in other non-shareable .idea/*.xml). Groovy compiler settings are in .iws.

Plus application-wide settings, see http://devnet.jetbrains.net/docs/DOC-181

If certain setting is stored out of place, it's a subject of particular discussion or request to the related feature.



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