How to delete a directory from CVS

I am trying to figure out how I can delete a directory from cvs. (as the subejct of this email states)

I'll add a new directory structure to my project which ends up getting added to cvs.
When I try to delete the directory from my local work space I still see it in CVS!

Could someone please share with me how this is done?

Thanks for your help!

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So when you do a checkout the directory is still there? Or are you looking at the repository itself?

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Thanks for the link, but unless I  missed it. Does this show how to delete a directory from Intellij?

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I had a collegue do a checkout using Eclipse and IntelliJ. It seems the directories are deleted since they do not show up in a checkout.
The strange thing here is that in my IntelliJ CVS repository window I still see the directories - almost as if they have not be deleted at all.

Seems strange that the CVS Repository window does not relfect what is actaully on CVS? Unless I need to do something further for the change to refreshe or appear in my IDE.

Any thoughts?

Thanks for your help.


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