Problem with svn over ssh : Handshake failed, received: "

I'm working on a project checked out from a remote svn repo over an svn tunnel and a non-standard port.
My working copy URL is:


In my


I have

pssh = ssh -p8090

In my svn settings in Intellij Idea 10 I have specified this file to be used as my svn config file.

The svn command line interface works as expected with this project. However, inside of Idea any operation fails with:

ssh : Handshake failed, received: "

Ideas are most welcome.

- G

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I have downloaded the trial version of Cornerstone (
This tool has not problems at all with my working copy or running over the ssh tunnel.

If there is no resolution on this I'm going to have to give up on using Intellij for subversion and buy Cornerstone or something similar instead.
This is definitely a disappointment given that Intellij Idea is supposed to have build in svn support.

- G


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