Call Hierachy. Is it ok?


Been awhile, i know, CtrlAltH show me calls of method. But then i point into tree leaf by clicking it forward me into method where this method invoked. It also position to place where method is used.

Now it just goin to method declaration and i must find method usage in this method by my self. Is it right?


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Nope, that's a known issue. We're working on it.

Maxim Shafirov
"Develop with pleasure!"

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How about this (reposting a previous post):

I am trying to trace call hierarchy for a concrete
implementation of a method, but Irida shows me
all implementations of this method (Same for 3.0.x, which
I use now).
Can I see the usage of only the exact method, or I should
file a feature request?

Here is the example:

public interface IBase {
void doStuff();

public class Base implements IBase {
public void doStuff() {}

public class Base2 implements IBase {
public void doStuff() {}

public class UseBase {
Base base = new Base();
void useDoStuff() { base.doStuff(); }

public class UseBase2 {
Base2 base2 = new Base2();
void useDoStuff() { base2.doStuff(); }

Now, when I set the caret to "base2.doStuff()" in UseBase2,
and select "Call Hierarchy", I want to see only usages
of the doStuff() method, which was defined in Base2 class.

Instead, IDEA shows usags of all implementations of
IBase.doStuff() method, like UseBase2.useDoStuff() and



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