Error on Building exploded Artifact

I get the following error (repeatedly for all class files)  when trying to build an exploded ear artifact for jboss deployment.

Error copying '/home/projects/ocis/borg/servicelayer/corporate/cybits/target/cybits-DEV-SNAPSHOT/com/ocis/borg/servicelayer/cybits/service/CybitsService.class' to '/home/projects/ocis/borg/ccsys/target/ccsys-DEV-SNAPSHOT/cybits-DEV-SNAPSHOT.jar/com/ocis/borg/servicelayer/cybits/service/CybitsService.class'.: /home/projects/ocis/borg/ccsys/target/ccsys-DEV-SNAPSHOT/cybits-DEV-SNAPSHOT.jar/com/ocis/borg/servicelayer/cybits/service/CybitsService.class (Not a directory)

Does anyone have a clue how I can fix this problem?

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Ok I resolved this myself.

Apparently my maven build copied all the jars already into the target directory and Intellij tries to copy onto the same name but as Folder.

When emptying the target directory beforehand it works.


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