Irida (3354) - Editor is slow / chunky during edits

Any update on this topic?

Irida (3290) - Editor is slow / chunky during edits

I just tried 3354, and I am still seeing slow / chunky response
when I delete 50 lines with CTRL+D, or add 50 lines by holding
down ENTER key. After a few updates, IntelliJ hangs for 5 - 10
seconds and then everything else is updated in one chunk. There
doesn't appear to be any improvement from 3290 for me. Irida 3354 is still much less responsive and the start to end time is much longer than 4.5.4 on these tests.

I'm going to use 3354 for the rest of the week. I will see if the
intermittant pauses during more normal editing have been reduced.

Still missing 4.5.4 buttery smoothness ...

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I am also seeing significant performance degradation when doing refactors like cat, cav, cam etc.

3241 seems much faster - but this is not a showstopper - I just can't show off to the eclipse guys in my group.


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