Really stupid question about expanding levels

This has been bugging me for forever but I never got around to asking about it. Is there a key combination that will expand all levels in the project view? There's one for folded sections of code but it doesn't work for the project view.

I'm on OS/X if it matters.

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The asterisks/star key (*) on the numeric keypad is a standard shortcut for expanding all children nodes of a selected node in a tree UI widget. It typically works in one of two ways:

  1. Hitting the * key will instantly expand all the children and all their children, etc. Hitting it a second time collapses them all.
  2. Each time you type the * key, another level of all the children nodes is expanded. So on the first hitting, all children expand. On the second, all grandchildren. The third, all great-grandchildren. Etc.

In the case of IDEA, #2 is the way it works.

While on the surface #1 seems like a better design, it presents problems for very large hierarchical trees. Especially in the case of things like IDEA where expanding nodes causes some file synchronization to occur. The extra couple of keystrokes needed for option 2 is worth the fact that it scales much better.

I hope that helps.

p.s. I can't guarantee this works on Mac. Also, you can use the Home key to jump up to the parent root node.

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Unfortunately, that's not right on the Mac. Mac's don't have numeric keypads (well, most of them). But you pointed me to the right keymap entries, "Fully Expand Tree Node" and "Collapse Tree Node". Possibly the numeric keypad is what the keyboard-like symbol is in the key mapping.
Regardless, I just remapped the entries to command-shift-* and option-shift-* and got my expand and collapse working.


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