Running multiple instances of IDEA 10

Hi, i have been using IDEA 9 for some time, and recently upgraded to 10.0.3 Ultimate.  We used to use the .ipr project files, and also moved over to the .idea directory structure for projects.

previously i was able to run multiple instances of IDEA by clicking on the .ipr file for each seperate project.  It was great. (Well, memory was an issue, and it was a little slow, but it was usable).  The biggest reason for this is to run two versions of our projects as we have to maintain previous releases and not break current stuff! :)

Anyway, an ideas on how to run two instances simultaneously?

1.  Double clicking on older .ipr files and IDEA already running says: Cannot find the ipr....
2.  Double clicking on IDEA.exe again to get another instance going...just focuses the existing window.



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I have 3 instances of IntelliJ 10 open right now, it isn't unusual for me to have more than 3 open either. I don't really notice a slow down either.

Anyway, just go to File->Open Project and open a new project. In IntelliJ 9 and previous versions it asks you if you want to open the project in a new window or existing window. IntelliJ 10 does this as well well; however, IntelliJ 10 introduced an option to remember your choice. You may have inadverntly selected open in same window and had it remember that choice.

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If you have accidentally told it to always open in same window just go to File->Settings->General and check "Confirm window to open project in"

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Perfect!  Thanks for the help!  It's working now just as you described.

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On Mac its under Menu Option 
IntelliJ IDEA->Preferences->System Settings->Project Opening->


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