why does it take so long to search for commonly named symbols?

this has been bugging me for a few years now. when looking for usages of a method like "getId" of a specific class idea takes a while, even if there is only one usage. but why? does it scan *all* methods named getId and then checks if it belongs to the correct class? shouldn't it be the other way round?

not sure about eclipse, but the last time i checked, the callhierachy was done a lot faster in such a case so it seems to be possible


Even more. We are scanning all words "getId" in whole project using word index and then more precise checking performed. Word "getId" probably is quite often used everywhere so it really can take some time.


why? if i ask idea for all usages of a specific method which happens to be named getId, why not cut down the number of candidates?
the "go to symbol"-feature should look everywhere, sure, but the call hierarchy/find usage-features should not.


will anything ever being done on this problem?

searching for things like "apply" inscala take forever aka minutes in a big project


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