Groovy unit test with slf4j logging does not show log statements in the console window.


I have a simple groovy unit test which does some logging that i'd like to see. (see code below).
My problem is that i can see the output from println statements, but not when i do calls to


As you can see i have ensured that my logging threshold is set to at least error ...
But I see no output.. I explored the options in 'Edit Configurations' window
(Logs tab).. But nothing seemed relevant.

I'm wondering if I need to programatically add slf4j's equivalent of a ConsoleHandler, as
was described in this post >

  [  Note. i actually tried the code in that post and it does give logging output.. but i'm
    hoping i don't have to programatically set this up in each of my unit test classes.. that will
    add a lot of clutter ]

Thanx for your  help  in advance !

-- CODE --

import org.slf4j.Logger;
import org.slf4j.LoggerFactory

class CloudRegistryTest  extends GroovyTestCase  {
  private static Logger logger = LoggerFactory.getLogger(
  public void testFoo() {
    if (logger.isErrorEnabled()) {
      println "error on "
    } else {
      println "error off "
    println "responsehi ho"                     // This shows up in the console window
    logger.error ">> responsehi ho"             // This does not show up


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Oh.. I forgot to mention..

I imported a simple grails app from existing sources... (that's how i set up my project)

also, I am using Idea version 10 (which i just downloaded today)



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