ant build properties in 10.0.3

Hi All,
Quick question about setting ant properties dynamically.

We have a large project with an already existing set of ant build files that I am trying to integrate in IDEA.

I have succesfully added the main build.xml and can run the ant targets just fine.  However, what I need to be able to do is pass to ant several different properties that are somewhat dynamic in nature.
These properties are used within ant to determine what build "flavor" to do.  For example, do a release build with featureX or debug build with featureX and featureY.
So in the Build File Properties window I go to the Properties tab and see I can add my property, and a value.  Now if I click the little + icon idea pulls up a list fo "Macros" that I can select from.

What I need to be able to do is define my own macros and use those as the value(s).  But I don't see where that is done.  I've dug all around the docs and forums and haven't found the answer.  Surely this must be something that can be done!?  Ideally I would like to be able to have multiple build configurations I could choose from and have the macro values set accordingly.  Alternativley, if that is not possible perhaps set the value of the macro(s) based on the Run Configuration that is choosen (and have the ant build run as a pre-requiste).

Right now the only option I see it to add the build.xml file multiple times and set the properties values for each one.  However this is not really an ideal solution since they would all have the same project name and thus it would be difficult to distingush between them...

ANy one have any ideas or suggestions?


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