Indexing in 10.0.3

I'm working on a relatively sizeable project, with some 45,000 Java artifacts. About 40,000 of these get packaged into a series of JARs. Those JARs are then added to the main web project's WEB-INF/lib directory.

Whenever these supporting JARs are built and dropped into the web project, indexing takes 30 or more minutes to complete. Naturally, I'm wanting to make that faster.

What's bugging me is how few resources are being consumed during the process.  None of the 12 CPUs tops 5%, and only about 10% - 15% of the 3GB of RAM available to IDEA is being consumed.

Normally, low resource usage would be great if I could get a lot of work done while indexing was occurring. However, since indexing seems to hogtie IDEA, I'm really dead in the water while it's going on.

Given that, I'd be happy to see it chewing through 80% CPU and 80% of its available RAM if indexing would be cut from 30 minutes to 5. Maybe it's just I/O bound and the extra RAM and CPU is unneeded.

Any thoughts as to what can be done done to speed up indexing?  Maybe some idea64.exe.vmoption or other config setting?

I know balancing the time to index against the time saved during development is a tough problem. I just hate to see all the idle computig power and resources sitting while indexing slogs its way through the JAR files.


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You can find some general performance improvements here in the forum, e.g. switch off antivirus for project/IDEA-cache folders, defrag harddrive, ... and check  but IMHO the biggest difference is using a (decent!) SSD-drive, there's really no good reason to use HDDs anymore for developer machines

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Thank you for the suggestions.

I plan to invest on an SSD sooner than later.  I've been waiting for the $/GB rate to drop, but it's been awhile since I checked ...

Thanks again.



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