HTML "errors" with Tapestry templates (3341)


I fired up Irida 3341 and opened an HTML file containing a Tapestry template. While the new HTML support is great, it's showing a lot of errors for my file.

Tapestry pages and components by default use "HTML" files with extra attributes. (As opposed to JSP-type technologies, which use extra tags.)

Any tag containing a "jwcid" attribute is interpreted as a Tapestry component, and the value of that attribute indicates the component type, e.g. "@Insert" for the "Insert" component. Other additional attributes are dependent on the component type.

Irida doesn't like these additional attributes. What's the best way to use IDEA with this kind of file? Is there any way to tell IDEA to ignore certain attributes?

Or maybe I should try to use another extension for Tapestry templates and forget about IDEA HTML support ...

Irida is also unhappy about some other Tapestry features. For example, the Tapestry Script component takes a "script" attribute that defines a server-side script template, but of course when IDEA sees script="xxx" it is trying to interpret it as JavaScript.

I understand that Eclipse has pretty good Tapestry support in the Spindle plug-in, but I've never tried that. (I don't care for Eclipse ...) I wonder how hard it would be to produce something similar for IDEA.

(I don't expect it as a core feature, I realise the Tapestry market is rather small compared to JSP :)


John Hurst
Wellington, New Zealand

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Looks like I didn't search properly before posting this ... apparently the solution is to install a modified DTD. I'll try that.

John Hurst
Wellington, New Zealand.


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