How to get hierarchy for particular implementation of interface method?

I am trying to trace call hierarchy for a concrete
implementation of a method from an interface, but Irida
shows me all implementations of this method. How do I get
the usage of only the exact method?

Here is the example:

public interface IBase {
void doStuff();

public class Base implements IBase {
public void doStuff() {}

public class Base2 implements IBase {
public void doStuff() {}

public class UseBase {
Base base = new Base();
void useDoStuff() { base.doStuff(); }

public class UseBase2 {
Base2 base2 = new Base2();
void useDoStuff() { base2.doStuff(); }

Now, when I set the caret to "base2.doStuff()" in UseBase2,
and select "Call Hierarchy", I would like to see only usages
of the doStuff() method, which was defined in Base2 class.

Instead, IDEA shows usags of all implementations of
IBase.doStuff() method, like UseBase2.useDoStuff() and


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