How to establish Scope for all files in a specific module?


IntelliJ 10.0.3.

I'd like to create and search within a custom scope including all files in a particular module. In particular, I want to search for all references of a package P within module M in a second module X.

I should be able to do this with

however, I want to include Spring configuration files located within X in the search, not just class files. Is there a Scope language syntax for that?


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Found my own answer just a few minutes later.

Use the prefix "file[Module]" to select normal files in a module.

Includes all files named "*.xml" within module X.

Predicates can be composed with logical operators. This includes all XML and all properties files in module X

Here's one that includes XML, properties, excludes the Maven POM, and includes Java source files in the package



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