I18nization who to default jsp context to english?

My development team and I have yet to figure out if this is possible and figure we just must not have found the right settings, there's 7 of us, all using IntelliJ 10 on Mac OS X 10.6.6

We have 4 resource files, German, French, English and Spanish (naming convention = ApplicationResources_XX.properties, there is no default properties file, we have tests to make sure all files contain the same keys at all times to ensure complete language support across our app instead)  Everything for the most part works great with them (only complaint is how dog slow the Resource Bundle Editor is when each file contains 7k properties, but that's a different issue... breaking them into multiple files is not an option at this point).

so there's

When in a JSP, holding Command and hovering over the key brings up a normally very useful view to see what that key actually contains.  The problem is, it defaults to the first properties file in the alphabetically sorted list... unfortunately only one of us actually speaks any German, and he isn't exactly fluent.

Is there a setting somewhere that can change which language is used for this?  Autocomplete works (although it also is obviously using the german file during the autocomplete)

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Currently it is not possible.
Feel free to file a request to YouTrack. IMHO it should default to OS
locale, then to english.

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Ok, I was worried it was something stupid in the preferences that I was completely overlooking.

I created the ticket it here:



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