What maven phases run when starting a maven war project from intelliJ

I'm writing a maven plugin to manage my JavaScript projects. It's going well and I've got something that grabs all the javascript dependencies and extracts them to {war-directory}/js in the compile phase. If I run a maven install I see that the js files end up in the war where they should.

However, when I run the war from inside intellij my mojo doesn't run. (Not only that, but if the files had previously been extracted hitting run deletes them.)

Now I can tell IntelliJ to go and run my mojo manually and that works, however I'd prefer this wasn't required.

When IntelliJ is starting a war does it actually run a maven package or does it do it's own thing? If so what maven command is it running?

What do I need to do to make IntelliJ run my mojo without being manually told about it?


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Nobody knows?

Is it even a maven build that IntelliJ does or does it just steal config info from Maven?

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Compilation and artifacts creation is not using Maven.

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Ah dang, guess I'm stuck with manually calling my goal then.


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