What settings will help IntelliJ 10 run better on a remote desktop?

I use IntelliJ 10 over an RDC session. I've noticed that anything with a transparency effect really slows down the application. Things like tooltips, code popups, etc. Is there any way to set those to just pop up and not fade in with a transparency effect?

What other settings can I adjust to help IntelliJ run better over a remote desktop session?

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Thank you Serge!

For reference the fix is:
1. Locate idea.properties . It is usually in $IDEA_INSTALL_DIR/bin/idea.properties
2. Open the file for editing
3. Search for "sun.java2d.noddraw" .
4. If it exists, set it =false . If not create it and set it to false.
5. Save the properties file.
6. [Re]start Intellij

Easy fix that seems to help immediately. Tooltips pop right up, docked windows hide quickly. Works like its supposed to.


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