Erroneous Artifact is not deployed message : Glassfish v3.1 IDEA 10.0.2 and higher

When I try to deploy my WAR file to a local Glassfish 3.1 instance IDEA tells me that the Artificat is not deployed when in fact it did successfully deploy. I can access the web app and I can also undeploy it using the GF web admin UI.

This problem is killing productivity. I can no longer simply code, deploy, test, fix, redeploy etc. This looks like a resurgence of [1] with associated JIRA [2]. This is affecting our entire team. Please assist! Thanks!


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[2] -

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I have updated

Here is the copy:

This bug is fixed a week ago in the trunk, 10.5 stream. We are looking whether we can copy the fix into the 10.0.x stream now.
The build 106.210 is verified to have the problem fixed.

Please  note that the problem is related to the artifact naming – GF strips the  some default extensions (.war, .ejb) while determining an internal name  for the artifact, but retain the non standard ones (like .0-SNAPSHOT)

The  bug in 10.0.x leads to the wrong assumption about that stripping rules,  so IDEA is waiting for the message about artifact-name-1 while the GF  is reporting about artifact-name-1.0.

As a workaround before 10.5 I would suggest to rename the artifact to some name without extension, e.g cbox-web- 0.1 -SNAPSHOT into the cbox-web- 0-1 -SNAPSHOT.



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