New Groovy Project + jUnit


I'm a relatively new user of IntelliJ and I am baffled by
how to add JUnit support to a Groovy project.

I just want to create a simple Groovy project and set up
a simple jUnit test for a Groovy class in my project.

I'm running IntelliJ 10 on OSX Leopard.

I've read through the help files and found section where it
says "Junit comes with IntelliJ, but your project isn't configured with Junit".

I'm confused with how to set up a project, so I don't know where to get/put
the junit jar files (or which ones to get, for that matter) and how to add them to my
project.  The help files are not very helpful.

If anyone can tell me on a step by step way how to add jUnit tests to a Groovy
project, I would be very grateful!


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I found a way -- Groovy has JUnit built-in!

Here's an example project:

I can run tests from IntelliJ using the Run dialog by right-clicking
on the Test file in the Project window.



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