How to run all tests in all modules of a project (working dir problem)

I have a project setup with a large number of modules. I have a run configuration for each module's tests ("All in package" with no package given and "In single module"). Now I would like to run all tests of the whole project, i.e. all tests of all modules. I cannot use a run configuration with "All in package" and "In whole project" since the tests of each module need to be run with the working directory set to the module's root, at least for some of them.

Is there any way to run all tests of the whole project with IDEA for my setup, e.g. something (a plugin?) which allows to create a "virtual" run configuration which simply runs a number of "real" run configurations at once/one after the other? Or even better a way to tell IDEA to set the current working directory to the module's root for each module when running all tests in the whole project?


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as far as I know it is now impossible but sounds useful. Could you please file a request? Thank you


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