Unused method, when it is being used by the DI container

I have a method that is called by my DI contatiner (SwiftSuspenders with robotlegs)

override public function execute():void
            //use the same fault handler for many things
            var token: AsyncToken = service.addReview(review);
            token.addResponder(new Responder(onAddResult, faultHandler));

However IJ seems not to like the fact that execute is not called specifically in my code, though the SwiftSuspenders Inject calls it when a mapped command gets called upon a certain event or signal firing.

Is there anyway to get IJ to ignore this case?

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For the similar case in Java, IntelliJ allows the user to specify specific annotations that will prevent a method from being flagged as "unused".
It would make sense to provide similar functionality for Flex/ActionScript.

Please file an issue (http://youtrack.jetbrains.net/dashboard), and post a link in this forum for others to comment/vote.


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Hmm, upon re-reading the question, I see that there is no specific annotation/metadata tag involved.
How should IntelliJ determine that the method is actually called from a framework?

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In this case the logic is contained in a swc, not source so I guess its impossible


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