Can I get IntelliJ to use different compilers for different classes?

I have a Spring project that uses Spring transcation managment via compile time weaving with AspectJ.  Within in that project I have a bunch of transaction spring integration tests. More specifically they use the following annotations :

@ContextConfiguration(locations = {"classpath:applicationTestContext.xml"})
@TransactionConfiguration(defaultRollback = true)
public class SomethingTest extends DocumentServicesImplTest {


    public void setUp() {


Now if this test is compiled using ajc, I've found that the @Transcational annotation stuff is effectively ignored. In other works @BeforeTranscation doesn't execute, the transaction doesn't roll back, etc...
So in my pom.xml I excluded my unit tests from aspectJ compiler:
                          <!-- by not placing test-compile here AJC doesn't run on the test -->

Now unforutnately what seems to happen when I run the unit tests is the that the "make" option compiles my test using AJC and then the test fails.  Is there a way for me to tell IntelliJ to use compile the test using the regular java compiler prior to runing?

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Compiler setting is currently per project, not even per module, see the related issue: .


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