Javadoc tag wrapping to next line problem

There's a problem that's been in IDEA for a long time which I think is a
pretty big deal, and I'm surprised it's been overlooked for so long. It's
the problem we have all probably noticed, when you type:


  • Something long long long long {@link

  • SomeClassName} blah blah.


IDEA does not recognize the {@link} tag because it wraps to the next line.
You can't use Ctrl+Space to complete symbol names if it's wrapped, you can't
ctrl+click, etc. (This is valid and common Javadoc, to split a tag among
multiple lines.) This has bothered me for years.

I wonder, is there a large hurdle to fixing this bug, JetBrains, or has it
simply been overlooked among the thousands of open issues?

To everyone, if you want to vote for the bug, you can at

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Also, I found another serious Javadoc bug that's been around for a while: "@linkplain Javadoc tag no
longer supports code completion or highlighting like @link"


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