Choosing the code style is confusing

I've found IntelliJ's code style settings (just the top-level in which you pick a global or per-project setting) to be very confusing.  The big problem with it I have is that if the option for "Use global settings" is selected, and I then pick another scheme (i.e. a named global setting), I inadvertently changed my global default code style.  But that's not my intention! My intention was for this project to use a particular named code-style that might be shared with other projects (such as all my work projects).  But that's not really possible; I need to click the "copy to project" button which snapshots that setting at that time over to my project.  What would remove the confusion is to simply not be able to modify the global choice while I have my project open.  Perhaps it would be nice to have a project pick a named global style to use.

What I'd like:
  [ ] Use per-project settings,      [ ] Use this scheme: [picker-list]      

When switching to the per-project settings, it would tell you that the existing settings will be copied into your project.
The global default scheme could be selected elsewhere.

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Yeah, using more than one global code style doesn't work. See [and vote for] IDEA-62535


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