JSP being treated as text files - IntelliJ 10 Community Edition

hello everyone!

I have the latest edition of IntelliJ community edition. I create a new maven project, and then structure the directory as a web-app. I also add plugins for tomcat which successfully deploys my project.

A huge issue is, when I create a new file (it does not show an option for JSP) and when I do create one, it treats it as a text file. No formatting or intelli-sense for anything. It seems like my project does not know that through maven I have converted it to a web-project.

Can some one help - it is really hard dealing with jsps and in the future seam without my project knowing what they are. Is there some setting I can change or something else?

p.s. I have attached my intellij window, not sure if that helps.



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The Community edition does not provide web support. Give the Ultimate
edition a try.

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Hi Abu,

Please check the web help.



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