generated java sources -> IDEA cannot compile any more

this problem also occurs in both IDEA 4.5.4 and also in #3290:

I have an ant target that generates a lot of java sources.
the ant target starts java to do that, like this:
<java jvm="${jdk.home.java_version_1.5}/bin/java.exe"
dir="$/source/resources" jar="$/source/external/wc/lib/wc.jar" fork="true">
<arg line="-java $/source/generated/java/src basetypes"/>

After that generation, at some point IDEA notices the modified sources and a popup appears that the new sources are read.

Afterwards if I hit ctrl-f9 I get "cannot resolve symbol ..." for each and every class that is certainly well within the project sources.

a full rebuild project is possible, but not rebuilding
just modified files with ctrl-f9.

Situation is resolved if I delete all system/cache, system/compiler

Seems like some problem in some cache to me,
and it is really annoying - sorry.

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after fresh IDEA install this seems to be partially fixed.
After generating the sources, the problem appears.

After around one minute, IDEA shows popup for recognizing modified sources, after that IDEA can compile again.

-> I think IDEA should already detect on first try to compile, that it is now time to check for modified files.

Note: probably it took IDEA so long to recognize the file changes, because the CPU was heavily used by other processes at the time (unit test, run from ant script via IDEA)


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