IDEA 10 Issues

To preface, I love IDEA and really like some of the features you added, especially being able to pull an editor tab into it's own frame, but also wanted to make you aware of some serious almost show-stopper issues with the new version.

I installed IDEA 10 on Monday, and starting seeing some strange issues.  So, today I decided to keep track of the regression issues and enhancement proposals.  FYI, I have been a loyal IDEA user since IDEA 5.

Auto Syncing files

- There should be some kind of indication that IDEA is syncing up the files with the filesystem.  IDEA9 had a progress bar, but IDEA10 does not.

- Refresh changes also does not have a progress bar and appears to lock up the app.  Sometimes it recovers and sometimes it does not and I have to kill the app


- Opening up the application after a lock up sometimes causes the app to either not properly load all of the modules or not process the dependencies correctly.  Re-opening the app seems to fix the problem

- Run Test doesn't always show up in the right-click menu, seems to happen if the app is parsing/loading files

- **NEW*** - Auto-complete has occasionally caused weird highlighting issues and added a bunch of spaces when using enter to select an item in the list

- Diff window should remember its last position
- Diff window maximize on Vertical monitor is incorrect

- Merge window should remember its last position
- Merge window doesn't maximize
- Should be able to run reformatter in merge window

- Redundant 'if' statement - should be able to ignore if there is a long line of 'if' statements, like in an 'equals' method

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1. IDEA will show a rotating wheel in the left corner of statusbar while synchronizing filesystem,
2. Some actions (like "run test", etc) are not available during Indexing because they're using indices which are not yet built.

Hope my colleagues will comment on other parts of your message.

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So I see the little "sun" like icon in the status bar, but IDEA is actually locked up during a sync-up with the File System.  This happens when I unshelve a TFS shelfset in Visual Studio and check in the code (we use shelf sets for our code reviews).  In IDEA 9, I saw a little progress bar in the status area and the app was locked but I saw the progress.  In IDEA 10, the app is locked, the 'sun' doesn't spin, and I actually see the text cursor over the entire app.  It appears that the sync operation is occurring on the EDT.

I wait for several minutes, but the app doesn't recover from the filesystem sync, and I end up having to kill the process and then usually restart IDEA twice for it to recover thoroughly.

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It seems to be a TFS support problem, please file an issue at

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aderington wrote:

- Redundant 'if' statement - should be able to ignore if there is a long line of 'if' statements, like in an 'equals' method

You probably mean this issue:
'if can be simplified' is now too smart

Please vote for it.



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