Open project freezes


I have used Eclipse for years and yesterday I convinced my self to give a try to Idea.
When you have understood the concept of modules and project, everything seems logic.
Code completion is much better and much faster, vcs are directly installed... BUT

Now I try to use it on my work laptop, I have a lot of connected shared network drives on this laptop.
When I click on "Open a project", it keeps loading for about 15 minutes, which is unacceptable...

Everytime I have to open a project, it takes ages and if I click on cancel, the window disappears but the whole software doesn't respond anymore...

Fyi, when I click on open file or when I select the sdk, it also opens a "Select Path" window, but the problem doesn't occur, it correctly shows all the drives (local and network).

Is there a way to exclude the network drives from Idea ?
Or maybe you should fix this.

Thank you,


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