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Hello Robert,

RS> Dang, that was a nifty change in UI!
RS> I like the welcome screen, real useful.

Yes! Really nice! :))

Thanks a lot!
Alexey Efimov, Java Developer
Tops BI

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I like it too.

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I'm not sure how useful it is, but by god it looks +really +welcoming to a new user. Needs more documentation listed, including the 4.5 Overview and pointers to the JIRA site. A pointer to the Amazon page for "IntelliJ In Action" would probably also be a good idea, once it's released. I actually like the plugin list. Reminds people (including especially reviewers) that IDEA is extensible, which looks to be becoming a bit of a sore point marketing-wise. Also acts as a "Credits" screen for your IDEA experience, which is polite and expressive.

In short, the information may actually be nothing all that useful, but the experience is both extremely welcoming and highly professional.

--Dave Griffith


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