is parsing javadoc possible

when adding dependencies to .jar files and

hitting CTRL+P (hint params) / overriding methods with ALT+Enter you get what's in the jar file, i.e.

public JoglApplication(com.badlogic.gdx.ApplicationListener 
applicationListener, java.lang.String s, int i, int i1, boolean b)

will yield

public JoglApplicationExtender(ApplicationListener applicationListener, String s, int i, int i1, boolean b)

when hitting CTRL+Q to view the javadoc we also get the information intellij can fetch from the jar file

so far so good, this is all expected and no surprises here

-> now we attach external javadocs for the jars "Project Structure / Paths / JavaDoc"

when hitting CTRL+Q intellij now correctly displays the javadoc obtained from the html files, however parameter hints or overrides still use the jars

is there some way to have intellij first try to parse javadoc code for the parameter names etc. and then fall back to jar code if that fails?
sometimes libs dont offer source code but complete javadoc and it would be nice if this were possible somehow

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Right now IDEA does not do this. But you can always file a feature request.


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