Can't use external ant libs in IDEA 10


We've migrated to IDEA from IDEA 9 (Community edition), where we've used an extended Ant (with ant-contrib, svn-ant, and nsis-ant).

Although we've configured IDEA 10 (made our ant the project's default and added the jars to the classpath), the Ant Build view shows the targets in gray and when we execute one (e.g. double-click) it ends as if run successfully after 0 seconds.
(We're running them from the command line successfully, but manually :( )

found a similar complaint in a discussion.

thanks, asaf :-)

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Referred thread seems to be not related to the case.

Targets are shown grey, when they are "filtered out". This filtering is pure GUI issue, it cannot prevent Ant from working. If you're interested, in Ant Build window open the script Properties dialog and check Filters tab.

If ant reports it ends successfully, then it either really ends successfully or it may be this issue: For the latter case, please, check command line arguments in the same Properties dialog.


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Hi, thanks for replying.

1. Indeed, checking the targets' boxes in Filters tab changes their color to black.
    However, doing this manually to every target in every file just for upgrading to 10 seems like a bug to me..

2. I have nothing on the command line, I just added more ant libs to the default ant (svn, nsis - that's why I thought the other thread was related).
    Problem remains - we're building from CMD :(
    Is the fact that I have ANT_HOME and ANT_ARGS set in Windows Environment Variables could be related?

thanks, asaf :-)

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I've took nsis-ant here: and svn-ant here:
Started simple target with an "echo". So far so good.

Can you try the same extended ant (with ant-contrib, svn-ant, and nsis-ant) with some simple script, which somehow works? I'm interested in the command line which is normally printed into Messages window ("C:\Program Files\Java\jdk1.6.0\bin\java"... etc).



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