Can't delete an old file template that has same name as one in 10?

Not sure if I should enter this in JIRA or not...

When I upgraded to 10, it correctly imported my 9 settings, but something is odd with a file template.
Apparently I think in idea9 I modified the "ActionScript class" template. Now in idea10 I
have two versions of ActionScript class templates, but I do not have the option to remove the old one (the one I manually created.)

If I create a new template in 10, I can easily delete it. I think the issue is that the filte template has the same name as one of the standard 10 ones.

You can see what I'm talking about in this screen shot...

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You can try the following: exit IDEA, check user.home/.IntellijIdea10/config/fileTemplate directory content, and if wrong template is there, delete it.


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(And if you're on Mac, config is in different location, see Info.plist of IDEA application.)


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