Drag&drop does not work in Linux!?

IntelliJ IDEA 10 CE Linux version is supposed to support drag&drop of files into project's folders. But this functionality works only inside the project, that is, when I want to copy a file from one project's folder to another.

However, when I want to drag&drop a file (for example image) from desktop to /res/drawable, I cannot do that. I mean, I can drop the file, but Copy/Move pop-up will not show up and nothing will happen. Nothing happens if I try copy/paste as well. The only way to see the files in a desired folder is to copy them manually via Explorer and then to restart IDEA.

I installed and tested the same CE version on Windows 7 and drag&drop works flawlessly.

Are we misinformed or this functionality needs to be set in a special manner???

PS. The drag&drop functionality is enabled in IDEA's settings!

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