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Sorry i don't have a more meaningful subject, but in Eclipse, when setting up a server like Tomcat, and specifying VM arguments, it's possible to use variables like $MY_VAR, and then click on a "Variables..." button and define the MY_VAR variable. is it possible to do something like this in IDEA 9? i tried using the "Path variables" property, but that didn't work.
I'm using IDEA 10.
let me know if you need more clarification.

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works for me at least with 10.0.1 and shared run cunfiguration. see $my_param2$ in the VM_PARAMETERS:

<component name="ProjectRunConfigurationManager">
  <configuration default="false" name="IDEA" type="Application" factoryName="Application">
    <extension name="coverage" enabled="false" merge="false" sample_coverage="true" runner="idea" />
    <option name="MAIN_CLASS_NAME" value="com.intellij.idea.Main" />
    <option name="VM_PARAMETERS" value="$MY_PARAM2$ -ea -Xbootclasspath/p:../out/classes/production/boot  -Xmx192m -XX:MaxPermSize=150m " />
    <option name="PROGRAM_PARAMETERS" value="" />
    <option name="WORKING_DIRECTORY" value="file://$PROJECT_DIR$/bin" />
    <option name="ALTERNATIVE_JRE_PATH_ENABLED" value="false" />
    <option name="ALTERNATIVE_JRE_PATH" value="" />
    <option name="ENABLE_SWING_INSPECTOR" value="false" />
    <option name="ENV_VARIABLES" />
    <option name="PASS_PARENT_ENVS" value="true" />
    <module name="community-main" />
    <envs />
    <RunnerSettings RunnerId="Debug">
      <option name="DEBUG_PORT" value="60786" />
      <option name="TRANSPORT" value="0" />
      <option name="LOCAL" value="true" />
    <RunnerSettings RunnerId="Profile ">
      <option name="myExternalizedOptions" value="&#13;&#10;additional-options=&#13;&#10;snapshots-dir=&#13;&#10;" />
    <RunnerSettings RunnerId="Run" />
    <ConfigurationWrapper RunnerId="Debug" />
    <ConfigurationWrapper RunnerId="Run" />
    <method />


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