importing settings

hi all,

I wish the new import settings feature could import from IDEA 4.x. It's really a pain because I have a lot of customisations.

Is there some sneeky way to do this.... am i just blind... or should this be added as a reques?


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There is a sneaky way to do it. If you installed with default options then there should be a folder in your user home directory called .IntelliJIdea/config. Under that there are subdirectories for various specific configurations like file templates.

I copied over my entire config directory to an install on another machine (after making a backup of course), restarted IDEA, and it seems to work fine.

BUT, it overwrote all my settings, so I had to fix a couple minor problems: I had to redo my JDK and global library settings because the paths were different on the new machine, and I had to reinstall some plugins I had already installed. You should be able to copy only the specific config subdirectories that interest you to avoid problems like these.


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Just realized this thread was about the EAP version (sorry, found the page via google). I've used this technique to move settings between previous versions. Don't know if it works with the version you're talking about, but maybe they kept things similar enough that it'll work. Definitely back up the files first.


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