Baffled and confused: IDEA lost a file after renaming a variable

Ok, I am completly baffled and confused. This is the first time I actually lost data to IDEA since I first started to use it, more than two years ago.

I was editing a class, and at a point I was about to make some local variables into a field. I had some code like this:

I know I could just use "Introduce Field" for this, but for some reason I didn't use it, and instead just erased the type from the vars, so they referenced a (still non-existent) field:

Since the fields I was creating were actually constants, I fancied renaming them. I positioned the cursor on "someVar", pressed SHIFT+F6, typed SOME_VAR and pressed ENTER.

Boom. The editor closed, and I was left staring at the black background. The file I was just editing wasn't listed on the recent files (CTRLE), and I couldn't find it with CTRLN either. So I thought "dang, I'll have to open the project pane and look for it".

To my surprise, I found the the file I was editing was renamed to SOME_VAR, and after renaming it back to the original name(so I could edit it), the changes I made in the last few minutes were lost.

Sigh... did I drink too little coffee today? Has this happened to someone else or I'm getting delusional?

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I think I'm sober, and managed to reproduce the above problem consistently. It's triggered by trying to rename a non-existent reference, and I reported it as IDEA-711[/url].

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This just hit me as well. Ugh.


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