Automatically copying files from the target folder when debugging

I would to create a debug configuration that will automatically copy a file from the target folder into some other folder. For example, I would like to copy project.swf (The project's output) into c:/.
I can use an ant script to do that but I don't want it to point to a specific location but rather to a relevant one since the same task will be run for several SWF projects.
I would appreciate any idea...
Guy Marom

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You can try using Artifacts approach (File | Project Structure | Artifacts). Create artifact of 'Other' type that will just copy whateve somewhere. Select 'Build Artifact' before launch at run configuration dialog.

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Thanks for the answer.
I am already using an ant script as a solution and each project runs a different target from that script. It's not the easiest solution for the developers but it's good enough.


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