Password Safe for subversion passwords

In this issue ( about subversion passwords being stored in plain text, Alejandro Gomez suggested that Password Safe can be used to store encrypted svn passwords in IntelliJ IDEA. This makes sense as a workaround, however I can't figure out how to get it to work. I have Password Safe set to store encrypted passwords and I have a master password set, but it still warns me that the password will be stored unencrypted. There seems to be a lack of documentation about using Password Safe with subversion, and about Password Safe in general (there's some mention of being able to use it for git, but I didn't see anything beyond that).

Does anyone know how to do this?

My one suspicion is that there could be a problem when accessing the SVN server over https, which we do.



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Same for me. I tried to configure subversion to work with the password manager "kwallet" (KDE3 version), but this plan did not work out.  Whenever I tried to check or update something I never saw a kwallet window asking me for a password.  Instead subversion asked me on the console for a password, when I remember rightly, but every password I entered there was allegedly wrong.

Then I tried to use gnome-keyring password manager (with the default subversion configuration).  But also with this configuration subversion kept asking for the password on the console, but at least I could check out on the console after I entered the gnome-keyring password.

There are actually several GUI programs which make use of the svn command line client and most of them have troubles since subversion is forcing tries to use password managers.

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come on, just give us a checkbox to allow us to store it unsecured.

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That is an option that exists. If you click the checkbox to store the password in the dialog box where you enter it, you get a warning that the password will be stored unencrypted. The password will then be stored, unencrypted, in a file somewhere under ~/.svn. The issue is wanting the password stored to be encrypted. (I'm not looking to start a discussion about the safety of files in ~/.svn. Suffice it to say, this is enough protection for some but not for others.)

I should note that I'm using IntelliJ IDEA 10 on Mac OS X. It sounds like Stefan (who posted above) is using linux, which also has this problem according to the issue I referenced in the original post.


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