True Gem: running multiple Ant targets

Really, IDEA never ceases to amaze me. Even after years using it I still find new, pleasant features every now and then. Today I found out that I can run multiple ant targets in a single step.

And the best part is: I found out that just because I thought I could do it, and IDEA did exactly what I expected it to do. I selected multiple targets (holding CTRL) and pressed the run button. To my delight, IDEA ran all the targets I selected, in the order I selected them. Superb. Fantastic. This level of usability and expectation is what really makes IDEA the best product of it's kind.

I'm feeling like someone who's been married for decades, wakes up in the morning and finds out some new trait about his wife that makes him loves her more each day :) Ok, enough with the sugar :P

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Weird... my post took a long while to show up, and then showed up twice.


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