Module Dependencies (I am getting a headache)


We have a development project that is broken into 6 sub projects. In
Eclipse these were 6 separate projects in the workspace with dependencies
created between them.

I have used IDEA's concept of modules to do achieve the same but I seem to
be getting funny behaviour (and probably as a result of something I am doing

The project has two essentially 3 parts:
1. Client Side
2. Server Side
3. Common

Client Side Module Dependencies

JavSwingFrameWork depends on JavDto and JavCommon

JavSwing depends on JavSwingFrameWork, JavDto, and JavCommon

Both JavSwingFrameWork and JavSwing also use the .jar file from
JavWebServices (which is a result of an RMI compile)

Server Side Module Dependencies

JavReports depends on JavDto and JavCommon

JavWebServices depends on JavReports, JavDto and JavCommon

Common Dependencies

JavCommon depends on JavDto

Initially I just used the dependencies tab to 'tick' the modules each
needed, and this seemed ok. Occasionally though the source code in one
module would not navigate (Go to declaration) to the source of a class in
another module, it would instead show a compiled version.

I have however, recently added the JavReports module to the mix and have
started having problems whereby the class using a class from another module
cannot see all the available public methods to that class.

I have also tried turning off the dependencies and using the 'export' option
to make a module visable.

rather than have JavWebServices depend on JavReports, JavDto and JavCommon,
I have it only depend on JavReports. I have JavReports only depend on
And then JavCommon exports JavDto, JavReports exports JavCommon and JavDto.

But this not seem to fix my problem of classes not having the correct

Any thoughts??? Things I am doing wrong? What should I be doing?


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Note: sorry I did not mean to post this here in EAP :( Reposted to

Apologies, Shane

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Well... I think it's OK to post here because the EAP version, sometimes,
shows the compiled version of a module's class instead of its source
code. I don't know exactly when it happens, so I can't tell you the
steps to reproduce. I thought it could be related to memory, because I
remember the heap indicator bar was almost 100%. Is it possible?


Shane Mingins wrote:

Note: sorry I did not mean to post this here in EAP :( Reposted to

Apologies, Shane


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