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Hello Stephen,

Ant build files don't have a fixed structure, and thus we don't have the
possibility to define a module based on the contents of an Ant file. You
can configure a module manually and attach an Ant build file to it later.

I'm using 10 CE and see options for using eclipse project or maven
pom.xml but no ant ..?

Dmitry Jemerov
Development Lead
JetBrains, Inc.
"Develop with Pleasure!"

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thanks Dmitry. About "attaching" a build.xml to a module:  do you mean generating a build.xml from a module (not helpful)  or causing the module to understand a provided build.xml and behaving appropriately (helpful).

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IDEA does not rely on any relationship between an ant file and a module. Just a) provides highlighting/completion for the ant script, basing on its content (taskdefs, etc) and location in the file system; b) allows to run and specifiy running parameters. A file should be just put into proper place in the file system, which place is better to be under some module's content root.


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So what I did here was as Dmitry suggested: creeate one new IJ Module for each Eclipse Project.  That is working pretty well - especially since there is an option to "link" to the eclipse project so that updates to it remain visible in IJ.


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