how to increase UI font and spacing in IDEA?


Recently I've got interested in Scala and decided to try it out. After some googling I came to conclusion that the best support for Scala is implemented within IDEA. So I've downloaded the latest version of IDEA (10.0 community edition, build #IC-99.18) and started setting up the environment. My usual IDE is Visual Studio, so I just wanted the UI to look similar to VS. My very first steps were a success since I was able to precisely reproduce my regular editor font, its size and line spacing.

However, later on I've stumbled upon a problem of setting the UI font. The first gut feeling after I created a new project was that menu fonts are too small (I've got Windows 7 that has the Segoe UI system font at 96 DPI with antialiasing). After some googling I've found the "Settings > Appearance > Override default fonts" checkbox and started experimenting. Overriding font size to 12 (the leftmost part of the screenshot) brought main menu + popup menu font to the same size as VS has (center of the screenshot), however, the Project tab font still seemed small to me. Setting font size to 14 (the rightmost part of the screenshort) didn't help - menu fonts became gigantic, but the Project tree still seems inconvenient.

I think the problem is with fixed size of tree item bounding boxes - when fonts get bigger, the boxes do not, so increasing font size just makes the tree view more and more cluttered. If there's a way to add some spacing between tree items (like it's done in VS - see the center of the screenshot), could you please tell me how to do that?


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