Bottom-up JAX-RPC Webservices using Websphere engine

We are evaluating IntelliJ IDEA as an alternative to RAD. In the process - we are trying to generate JAX-RPC web-services from a Java class (bottom-up) using the Websphere7 engine.

For this - we executed the following steps:
(1) Defined the WAS home directory under Settings > Web Services

(2) As per instructions at
we enabled "Web Services Support" using Tools | Web Services | Enable Web Service Support.
Websphere was an option available here - so there were no issues.

(3) Then we tried exposing our service class as a WebService using instructions at:
However, in this dialog - the Websphere engine does not appear as an option :(
Pls. advice if we have missed any steps / anything extra needs to be done to generate web-services using the Websphere engine.

Thanks and Regards.

Environment: WinXP | IntelliJ IDEA 9.x Trial |  Sun/Oracle JDK 1.6.x |  Websphere 7.x

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I've done all steps you mentioned. How do you call expose class as WS?

I do it from quick fix
and then click OK
class is now exposed

Btw, after creating my module I set it as Web Application -> Web Service (You can do it for module by clicking Add Framework Support )

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@Konstantin Bulenkov,
Thanks for replying ....

Unfortunately - as explained above  - we are looking for a solution specific to using the Websphere-engine for webservices (which is based on JAX-RPC & JSR-109 as opposed to JAX-WS).  The problem is that the Websphere-engine does not appear in the choices for generating service from Java class (during Step-3) even though we enabled support (as per Step-2).



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