Global Classes

I am wanting to setup a multi swf flash application.

  • Preloader swf
    • Main application swf
      • Module 1 swf
      • Module 2 etc

I want to be able to share a path of shared *.as classes between the flex modules, without compiling a swc. It seems a swc is the only way to get this done, however I have a problem when the swc has to be in another module when it has a dependancy of a class in another module.

In module settings - > sources is there a way to include other classes outside of that module?

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Currently there's no way of including uncompiled sources to compilation without keeping them in source root. Watch
I'm afraid I haven't understood why library module that produces SWC doesn't work for you. Some workarounds are suggested in the issue comments.

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Thankyou for the link. I have managed to setup dependancies with modules and have the swc files act as globabl libraries. Just the current architecture of some of my classes mean that they are are cross dependant on eachother and they were working in another IDE (flashdevelop) which implimented this global classes feature quite nicely.

Well I am was planning to refactor and this is not a very good design pattern anyway, its good to know the limitations of IDEA.


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