Reformat stops working

It might be a side effect of installing version 10. or it may have
happened a tiny bit later.

But now REFORMAT is inconsistent. Here is the sort of thing it is
producing. Not how { are sometimes indented for a method body and
sometimes not.  I asked to indent.  I did not change the config.


  • Default method to read and prepare one county record.


  • You must read, and add SalesTaxItem to salesTaxItems, and


  • @param c open CSV reader.


  • @throws IOException if cannot read file

    void prepareCounty( final CSVReader c ) throws IOException
    final int countyNumber = Integer.parseInt( c.get().substring( 0, 2
) );
    final String county = StringToolsAugmented.toBookTitleCase(
c.get() );
    final double percent = c.getDouble();
    countiesByCopo[ countyNumber ] = county;
    lookupCountyTax[ countyNumber ] = percent;
    salesTaxItems.add( new SalesTaxItem( county, "", percent ) );

    // -

main() method

    public static void main( String[] args ) throws IOException
        new PrepOklahoma().prepare();

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On Tue, 14 Dec 2010 11:06:59 MSK, Denis  Zhdanov
<> wrote, quoted or indirectly quoted someone
who said :


that's it. I'm glad someone figured out what triggers it. I have a lot
of code posted on my website.  It is now inconsistently formatted, and
I am getting complaints. There are not many IntelliJ bugs that are
visible to the outside world.
Roedy Green Canadian Mind Products
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